San Antonio, TX

The Sam Moon retail project in San Antonio, Texas is a single story 19,000 retail project which includes a show room of approximately 14,000 square feet and a warehouse space of approximately 2,200 square feet. The project entails a mechanical design with packaged roof top units to support a large density of occupants. Electrical systems include various track and specialty decorative and display lighting throughout the space to be controlled from a single location and in compliance with energy codes.

Architect: Callison Architects
Owner: Sam Moon Retail
Project Size: ~19,000 square feet
Completion: 2013

Scope of Services:

Fire Protection

SCHMIDT & STACY® is proud to work with Callison Architects to deliver the project to Sam Moon. If you have any questions about this project or if SCHMIDT & STACY® can help you with one of your projects, please contact us at or (214) 874-0200.