Round Rock, TX

The Lockard Medical building in Round Rock Texas is an 8,700 square foot medical facility and emergency room. The project included the design and construction of the shell building and finish out along with coordination of site utilities and systems. The project involved mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design, inclusive of the design of medical gas distribution. The building is provided with an emergency generator for support to all critical and life safety systems. The project includes (2) trauma surgical rooms, x-ray and CT scan facilities, and patient examination rooms.

Architect: Killian Design, LLC.
Owner: Lockard Medical
Project Size: ~8,700 square feet
Completion: TBD

Scope of Services:

Medical Gas Distribution
Fire Protection

SCHMIDT & STACY® is proud to work with Killian Design to deliver the project to Lockard Medical. If you have any questions about this project or if SCHMIDT & STACY® can help you with one of your projects, please contact us at or (214) 874-0200.